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Bioskills and it’s Role in Product Development


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Bioskills is an essential part of any medical device development program for the testing and verification of the intended use and performance of a medical device, IVD or regenerative medicine product. It also serves as a critical step for medical device manufacturers and health care professionals to facilitate cross-functional interaction and learning that leads to the efficient development of new and innovative medical technologies.

Join NAMSA for its upcoming webinar, “The Role of Bioskills in Product Development,” and learn how – through the use of human cadavers, research and education – device manufacturers can better understand true device performance while also gathering invaluable feedback and information from actual product users.

The webinar, presented by Nikolai Teigen, NAMSA’s Bioskills Lab Manager, will provide information regarding:

  • The historical use and background on the use of human cadavers for the advancement of medicine
  • Various tissues that can be obtained
  • How tissues are sourced, handled, and disposed
  • When and how to introduce cadaveric studies in the product development lifecycle
  • Types of studies that can be conducted via cadaveric services
  • When cadaveric services can be performed in conjunction with other preclinical models

Also included will be an overview of NAMSA’s bioskills service offerings, and real-world client case studies.

Speaker Bio:

Nikolai “Nick” Teigen is the BioSkills Lab Manager of NAMSA’s Anatomic Services in the Brooklyn Park Facility. Nick joined NAMSA after 9 years at Boston Scientific where he served as a Product Manager and Preclinical Research Associate supporting R&D, Physician Evaluations and Marketing Studies. Prior to industry, Nick spent 3 years at the University of Minnesota’s Experimental Surgical Services (ESS). He holds a BS from the University of Minnesota in Mortuary Science with an emphasis in Biological Sciences.