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NAMSA Preclinical Research: Recommendations for the Evaluation of Investigational Heart Valve Technologies

This White Paper applies to both surgical and percutaneous delivered heart valves and other valve repair technologies. Discussed within are recommendations for preclinical In Vivo assessments for feasibility and GLP safety studies, as well as preclinical In Vitro assessments.

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How Can NAMSA Help?
Combining decades of experience in therapy delivery systems and implantable medical device research, NAMSA has the distinction of serving as the industry’s premier destination for preclinical, interventional and surgical research. Working within our state-of-the-art laboratories across the globe, NAMSA’s highly-trained experts and surgeons utilize a broad range of trusted In Vivo models and analysis tools, including five (5) Siemens Cath Labs and a 128-slice CT Scanner, among other advanced technologies.

We understand first-hand the criticality of complying with methods and international regulations. Working smart from the start, we are proud to deliver Sponsors with reliable and accurate outcomes, which are highly trusted by international regulatory authorities.

If you would like more information on NAMSA’s preclinical services, please visit namsa.com/services/preclinical-research or contact us at: namsa.com/locations-contact/.