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Navigating the MedTech Start-Up World Introduction


In this first installment of the “Navigating the MedTech Start-Up World” podcast, Sheri Krajewski-Bibins (NAMSA’s Product Marketing Manager – Biological Safety and the host of NAMSA’s “BiocomCHATibility” podcast) co-hosts alongside Duane Mancini (NAMSA’s MRO Strategy Advisor) to help introduce our brand new podcast series.

“You help customers understand how to use NAMSA services from beginning to end to shorten timelines and get to market faster.” – Sheri Krajewski-Bibins

“Coaching start-ups to have a holistic approach from the beginning, including regulatory, reimbursement and clinical.  If you aren’t thinking about these three from the beginning, you can get into a lot of trouble later on.” -Duane Mancini

“A place to go for start-up companies where they can listen to people who have done this successfully, industry experts and people who are funding them.” – Duane Mancini

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