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David Reimer, MD


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Dr. David Reimer has more than 20 years of experience in the medical field, over 10 of which involve clinical medicine. He has been formally trained and performed procedures in colorectal, plastics, vascular, gastrointestinal and general surgeries. His background also includes internal medicine and family practice. He has spent several years in benchtop research in a BSL-2 lab while analyzing and characterizing infectious organisms by DNA and RNA analysis including polymerase chain reaction (PCR), reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and scanning electron microscope (SEM) methodologies. During this time, he was also an instructor of Microbiology and Anatomy & Physiology to university undergraduate students.

With several years prior experience in the medical device industry involving research & development and later microbiological, Dr. Reimer returned to surgical research with American Preclinical Services (APS) as Study Director. During the transition with NAMSA, David also transitioned into the role of Surgeon in which he is actively acquiring new skills involving interventional research along with various methods of preclinical surgical research in a variety of models to suit client needs.


  • Clinical medicine
  • Cell/molecular biology
  • Surgical research
  • Preclinical research
  • Research:
    • Master thesis, Cloud State University 2021; BSL-2 Campylobacter jejuni translational and morphological characteristics with spinach plants.
    • Medical graduate, American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine 2007; immunologic response and endemic control of Denge virus in the Caribbean.
    • Employed research, Synovis Surgical Innovations 2006, colorectal end-to-end anastomosis and linear buttressing.


  • Peripheral vasculature devices including: vascular and lymphatic sealing, drug coated balloons (DCB), central venous catheter
  • Wound healing treatments/devices
  • Urogenital therapies including: renal ablation, bladder stimulation, uterine horn wound healing