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MedTech Market Research Consulting

Medical Device Market Research Consulting That Pushes Your Ideas Forward

An experienced MedTech market research consulting partner can make all the difference when looking to effectively bring a new device to market.

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NAMSA provides customized IVD and MedTech market research insights. Here’s how:

  • Leveraging extensive in-house databases of market data 
  • Customized research interviews conducted by experienced researchers
  • Thorough analysis of collected data
  • Clear, meaningful results presentations featuring actionable recommendations

The customer insights obtained are useful on their own, but become especially powerful when combined with regulatory, clinical and market access strategies. 


In the beginning, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your unique product, market and needs.

These insights will help you make better business decisions that serve your customers and drive increased market share. What your device needs will be unique to you, but the insights we can assist with are vast: market sizing and segmentation, brand perception, personas, patient pathways, competitive assessment and monitoring, reimbursement landscapes, VOC and customer needs and beyond.

Next in line: the product value drivers. Launching a new product is an exciting and delicate road. It includes shaping your product or medical device towards customer needs, understanding the correct value proposition and delivering it with flawless execution.

NAMSA’s market research consulting offers customized intelligence to help you optimize your launch. These methodologies successfully support product launches and post-launch tracking in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and health IT.

The third step focuses on understanding the patients’ journey.

As healthcare providers increasingly adopt the approach of personalized medicine or treatment plans, there is a far greater focus on the experiences of the patient. That’s why it’s important to provide a holistic treatment experience beyond just diagnosis and medicines.

The fourth step focuses on the power of technology in healthcare. NAMSA specializes in medical technology and is well equipped to implement the strength of digital healthcare into your product. 

This is accomplished through concept testing research, prototype development and collaborative, creative approaches to stakeholder engagement. Stay competitive by embracing the power of technology in new ways — applications, devices that can track compliance, virtual doctor’s visits and beyond.

Negotiations with non-clinical stakeholders are essential to ensure business success. Therefore you must understand the economic value proposition and arguments to use to gain market access. NAMSA can support you in understanding the non-clinical stakeholder and payer audience. 

Need answers on the economic value your product could bring to the market?

Ivany Franklin

Global Marketing Consulting Sales Director