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Frédéric Cadoret, PhD

Microbiology Study Director

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Frédéric Cadoret joined NAMSA in 2019 to provide expertise in microbiology and to support medical device manufacturers in microbiological evaluations and submissions to Notified Bodies. He holds a PhD in microbiology, vegetal biology and biotechnology.


  • More than nine (9) years of professional experience in microbiology in vitro testing.
  • Conducting training sessions to manufacturers on microbiology according to ISO 11737, 17664, 17665 and AAMI ST98.
  • Providing multiple consulting services to manufacturers with reprocessing validation projects (i.e. strategy design, Instruction For Use [IFU] review, protocols) for both single use and reusable devices to submit to FDA or for CE mark applications.
  • Assisting manufacturers with developing appropriate bioburden, sterility and endotoxin strategies and testing for single use devices.
  • Lecturing to Master degree students at the Université de Montpellier, Sciences Pharmaceutiques et Biologiques.
  • Developing new microbiological testing methods.


  • Optimized validation strategies for multiple critical medical devices requesting cleaning and sterilization testing in compliance with European and U.S. requirements.
  • Optimized testing method to analyze protein residual marker.
  • Developed testing procedure to validate disinfection efficacy of reusable medical device.
  • Optimized the testing procedure for cleaning validation to be compliant with the newly published standard AAMI ST98.