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Extractables & Leachables West Coast Summit 2021



Date(s) - November 11, 2021 - November 12, 2021


Marriot San Diego Mission Valley
8757 Rio San Diego Drive
San Diego, California 92108

NAMSA invites you to meet with us at the Extractables and Leachables West Coast Summit 2021 in San Diego, California on November 11-12. Throughout this two-day conference, industry experts will examine the safety, quality and regulatory issues central to the medical device and biotech industries—including the keys to satisfying recent revisions to several applicable USP chapters and the recently revised standards contained in ISO 10993.

NAMSA Education Session
November 12, 2021 | 3:45-4:30 PM PT
Relative Response Factor and Uncertainty Factor Considerations for Non-Linear Detectors Used in Extractables and Leachables
Presented by Nicholas Keyes; Study Director and Principal Analytical Chemist, NAMSA/APS

Description: Recent publications and regulatory guidance documents have emphasized the importance of utilizing an uncertainty factor for adjustment of the AET. The uncertainty factor captures the variation in response between different compounds at a given concentration, determined from a database of relative response factors (RRFs).

Meanwhile, quantitation in extractables and leachables is typically carried out using mass spectrometers, supplemented by one or more additional detectors. These detectors have an expected linear dynamic range based upon the inherent chemistry involved. Lacking experimental data for every possible chemical entity that might be observed in an extractables and leachables study, the implied linearity impacts assumptions behind single-point RRF assessments used to generate uncertainty factors, and whether they are sufficiently protective, or even over-protective.

This presentation presents RRF results for ThermoScientific GC/MS and LC/Orbitrap platforms for chemical characterization, and compares/contrasts those data with results from comparable instrument platforms performed on Agilent systems from literature. It also presents a concentration-dependent approach to RRFs, stemming from non-linear responses, and the potential impact on uncertainty factor corrections and quantitation.

Complimentary Consultations
Visit us at our table for complimentary 30-minute consultations with NAMSA’s medical device development experts throughout the event. We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the most cost-effective pathways to market based on your unique product development requirements.

Please email us at communications@namsa.com to reserve your consultation time, or simply stop by the table in the exhibitor area to meet with us. We hope to see you there!