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Pacemaker Lead Device Testing

What Is Pacemaker Lead Testing?

Pacemaker lead testing assesses the integrity and functionality of the electrical connections between the pacemaker and the heart. It’s a fundamental component of pacemaker device testing, alongside threshold, sensing and impedance tests. Rigorous testing is imperative for manufacturers interested in guaranteeing the safety, reliability and efficacy of their product before it reaches the market.

NAMSA has been conducting medical device tests since 1967, with over 100,000 unique tests completed within our labs each year. We have the expertise, experience and processes needed to accelerate your pacemaker’s commercialization path every step of the way.

Our Pacemaker Device Testing Process

Diversified device testing — assessing leads, thresholds, sensing and impedance — is essential for any manufacturer bringing a pacemaker to market. These tests help confirm your device’s effectiveness in regulating heart rhythm, minimizing risk and enhancing patient outcomes.

NAMSA offers a number of expert testing services to help expedite the successful development of your pacemaker, including assistance with:

Unsure where to begin? Give the NAMSA Test Navigator a try. It highlights the most commonly used tests within the medical device industry while providing access to thousands of unique testing services to help you determine exactly what you need.


Streamline Device Commercialization

The NAMSA APEX Program™ works by aligning development functions with a customized, integrated, multi-faceted strategy that quickens your device’s path to commercialization. It takes the knowledge of MedTech industry subject matter experts and combines it with proprietary processes that help streamline planning, phase overlap and vertical integration. 

The result? Time savings, cost reduction and accelerated commercialization for your pacemaker.
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