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NAMSA has extensive experience with peripheral vascular devices ranging from arteriotomy closure; carotid and renal artery stents; peripheral embolic protection; peripheral guidewires; peripheral vascular stents; PTA balloon catheters; PV embolization plugs and coils; and renal denervation catheters.

NAMSA’s technical specialists and scientists are adept at developing preclinical testing programs for such products. Our preclinical team, led by our expert veterinary surgeons, are understand how to properly implant to best evaluate the biocompatibility and functionality of such devices. Additionally, NAMSA’s product development specialists recognize, through first-hand experience, global regulatory, reimbursement and commercialization challenges particular to perhipheral/vascular devices and understand how to tackle these challenges head-on. 

NAMSA supports over 300 clinical device trials per year (and 300 customized preclinical studies) in the areas of cardiology and peripheral vascular devices, and on average, 40 percent of our clinical studies involve these device types.

NAMSA - Leading Peripheral Vascular CRO