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Wound Care expertise

NAMSA has supported a multitude of dermal and wound healing devices ranging from wound closures; tissue engineered skin substitutes; traditional/advanced wound management; negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT); ostomy drainage bags; pressure relief; compression therapy; wound debridement; and surgical sutures.

In recent years, NAMSA has completed over 300 wound healing studies with a range of devices and study models, evidenced below.


NAMSA - Leading Dermal and Wound Care CRO



Our teams have also conducted over 200 wound care clinical studies in conjunction with global regulatory support, including:

– Regulatory support for hernia repair/wound healing devices
– Regulatory submission of several surgical adhesives and resorbable sutures
– Full clinical trial management for Class III surgical adhesives (PMA approvals)
– Pivotal IDE studies for tissue glues
– Full clinical trial management for Class III hemostatic agents
– Study management for abdominal repair meshes

NAMSA - Dermal and Wound Care CRO



Dermal and wound care expertise