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Infectious Disease Diagnostic Devices: The Move to at Home Testing and Treatment (Panel Discussion)

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Imagine the future of infectious disease where testing is completed at home and treatment is available at the click of a button. A drone delivers your therapeutic drug allowing you to recover in the comfort and privacy of your home. A telehealth visit supports your recovery and checkups can be as easy as a self-administered test.

The COVID-19 Pandemic transformed the healthcare industry, removing many obstacles to at home testing. During this critical time, the diagnostic industry excelled in creating respiratory tests designed to support at home users.

Despite breaking down barriers between testing designed for the laboratory and at home use, multiple items still need to be unpacked to support the “Big Move.” And what is the “Big Move” for IVD? It is the movement of a test out of the laboratory or care setting and into the home environment. What are the considerations? What are the drawbacks? How could this move potentially impact our healthcare system?

Attendees can expect as we discuss these questions and more with our panel of infectious disease experts. Our team will draw on their experience working for or with infectious disease industry leaders to pack up the following boxes:

  • Box 1: Looking at our past, would past pandemics have benefited from at home tests? What have we learned from COVID-19 that could be applied to this move?
  • Box 2: What must be packed up to support the “Big Move?” User environment, testing accuracy, pivotal trial design and global regulatory requirements (at a minimum) must to be considered.
  • Box 3: Should Infectious Disease Diagnostics move out of the care setting and into the home, just because it can? Our panel will discuss the pros and cons of the big move.


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