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MedTech Chats: MEGA BIOPHARMA Partners with NAMSA to De-Risk Disruptive Dental Technology

In NAMSA’s first edition of “MedTech Chats,” we sit down with MEGA BIOPHARMA’s Bone Division Director and Dental Surgeon, Dr. Laurent Helewa.

What follows is a discussion regarding the French company’s disruptive product, Bionacre®, a natural biomaterial extracted from nacre that has yielded scientifically proven results in the domains of bone and skin repair. We discover how a long-forgotten technology, Mother-of-Pearl, is now providing significant advantages for bone/tissue regeneration and positive impacts to the industries of Dental Surgery, Orthopedics, Dermo-Cosmetics, Dermatology and Veterinary Care.

Additionally, Dr. Laurent highlights how NAMSA’s APEX Program™ is serving a key role in helping MEGA BIOPHARMA effectively communicate with stakeholders, de-risk the program and set the stage for successful U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) regulatory submission and approval.

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