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Welcome to NAMSA: Lisa Olson


Lisa Olson, NAMSA’s Global Director of Analytical Services joins Sheri and Don on this special episode.  As Lisa is a recent addition to the NAMSA team, our hosts ask about her background, her thoughts on the future and present state of biocompatibility, and most specifically the use of chemical characterization in the biological evaluation strategy.  The hosts also introduce a new game of 2 truths and a lie, for biocompatibility.

“Biological testing and chemical testing have traditionally been separated out from one another .….I’m excited to join in on the analytical chemistry side to be able to create that blending of the thought process.” – Lisa Olson

“Chemical characterization plans require a variety of scientific disciplines.” – Lisa Olson

“Wolverine is a mutant.” – Don Pohl

Key Discussion Points Include:

  • The “and” vs “or” of chemical characterization in 10993-1
  • The importance of linking biocompatibility testing and chemical testing to aid the evaluation process
  • The risk of assuming all materials are good without knowing what is exactly leaching out of them
  • The future challenges of knowing more and how to use that data

To connect with Lisa, you can find her here at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisa-olson-09659511/.

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