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Lucile Ryckebusch, PhD

Senior Medical Writer, IVD

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Lucile has 20 years of experience in diagnostic and biological (genetics) fields, including product/assay design and development, technical expertise, clinical validation and clinical interpretation of data and test results.

Lucile gained experience in In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) product development, specifically laboratory-developed tests (LDTs), in clinical laboratories located in the United States. During this time, she designed infectious disease molecular diagnostic (MDx) tests, developed clinical contents and was responsible for the clinical interpretation of test results. She also trained clinical and sales teams on the scientific, clinical and technical aspects of the LDTs.

Lucile served as the Project Lead in multiple R&D projects where she designed and led several gene-editing projects. She also managed internal and client in vivo studies for a biotechnology company in France before joining NAMSA.

Lucile holds a BSc degree in Cell Biology and an MSc & PhD in Developmental Biology from Mediterranee University (Marseille, France). She also performed postdoctoral training in cardiovascular research at University of California (San Diego, CA). She successfully secured five fellowships and won two awards for her academic research.


  • Diagnostic expertise in MDx, infectious disease (respiratory, COVID-19, Strep A, etc.), antimicrobial resistance, hematology and oncology screening for colorectal cancer
  • Medical writing, scientific manuscript writing, clinical validity and literature search
  • U.S. Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs) design, deployment and maintenance
  • MDx assays (LC/MS-MS, lateral flow assay, ELISA, RT-PCR, etc.) and molecular biology scientific techniques


  • Performance Evaluation Report (PER) for multiple IVDR technical dossiers (Performance Evaluation Plan [PEP] and PER) assisting clients as they transitioned from IVDD to IVDR
  • Scientific manuscript writing for a clinical study on an oncology IVD