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COVID-19 Resources

As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to evolve, the IVD industry has risen to the challenge of producing diagnostic tests to support the public health emergency. This has resulted in an unprecedented amount of new devices entering the market under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) pathway. While the EUA pathway is still available, the window for pursuing a EUA is slowly shrinking and being replaced with full U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to remain on market. With clinical studies requiring six to 18 months to complete, it is imperative that IVD manufacturers are proactive to identify gaps, prepare pre-submissions and execute clinical studies.

FDA Draft Guidance


In December 2021, the FDA released draft guidance, “Transition Plan for Medical Devices Issued Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency,” indicating an end to the EUA pathway.

Although providing advance notice, the process is rigorous when transitioning from EUA to 510(k), in particular for Sponsors with limited experience with infectious diseases FDA marketing submissions. It is imperative that IVD manufacturers embark on this journey early with FDA collaboration to avoid costly delays and potential loss of sales.

Examples of Full Support Provided by NAMSA
Pre-EUA preparation | EUA Submissions | Notification Pathways | Complex Development and Manufacturing Plans | Protocol Development | Site and Laboratory Identification | Site and Laboratory Qualification | Monitoring | Data Monitoring | Biostatistics | Transition from EUA to de novo and 510(k)

User Environment Claims
POC | OTC | LDT | FDA Notification for Moderate to High Complexity Tests | RUO
Symptomatic Testing |  Asymptomatic (Serial) Testing for Screening

Sample Types
Nasal | NP | MT | Saliva

Antigen | Antibody | RT-PCR | LAMP | Novel Technologies

Molecular | Antigen | Serology (+ Neutralizing Antibodies)
Home Collections for Laboratory Testing
Tests intended for POC | Home and OTC use with Considerations for User | User Environment and Usability Testing Obligations

SARS CoV-2 | Influenza A | Influenza B | RSV-1 | RSV-2

NAMSA, as the industry leader in IVD regulatory knowledge and product development, is proud to have partnered with several domestic and overseas IVD Sponsors for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) assay submissions to combat COVID-19. If you are seeking expedited EUA development of Serology and Molecular assays, or need assistance with other IVD regulatory, clinical, reimbursement or preclinical studies, please reserve your complimentary consultation to learn more: https://namsa.com/namsa-expertise/subject-matter-experts/.

IVD Experts

We invite you to access the below complimentary resources to learn more about the strategies and best practices that can assist you with addressing COVID-19, IVD product development and IVD regulatory/clinical guidance.


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