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The Impact of Shifting Site of Care on Clinical Research: A Vascular Office-Based Laboratory Approach

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Over the last several years, vascular procedures have continued to shift from the traditional hospital setting into the outpatient setting, including Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) and Office-Based Laboratories (OBL). This shifting of care has come with improvements in patient experience and care during stays while providing a better work-life balance for physicians. However, despite the movement of procedures, clinical research has been largely maintained in the hospital setting leaving many patients and physicians without access to clinical trials. As we look to the future, OBLs and ASCs have an opportunity to expand this access to their patient population. However, several items will need to be evaluated.

To learn more, join our panel discussion where Kenneth Ouriel, MD, MBA (Chief Medical Officer, NAMSA) will moderate a discussion diving into this topic with vascular physician leaders, industry experts, and clinical research professionals.

Panel Members:


Attendees of this panel discussion can expect to hear expert opinions on:

  1. The Benefits of OBLs and ASCs in clinical research
  2. Getting an OBL or ASC started in clinical research
  3. Identifying and resolving barriers to participating in clinical research at an OBL or ASC
  4. Patient benefit from having access to clinical research at the OBL or ASC


Don’t miss out on this insightful event to explore the evolving landscape of vascular healthcare and the pivotal role of OBLs and ASCs in advancing clinical research!


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